He said the only thing I did not see coming or have stored in my “canned response” Rolodex when asked about a murderous gang member on the loose in my neighborhood:

“It definitely concerns me a little bit, ya know what I mean ... ”

OK. I did actually think he might say that. And then he went on:

“But, ya know, I-I pack that thing, too! So he come around this way, [looks toward camera] you will get clapped.”





I don’t encourage, promote or exercise violence. I want that to be clear. But holy shit, Jimmy “Too Trill” Jackson, I did NOT see that coming. In one sound bite, Jimmy let it be known that he’s 1) about that action, 2) with the shits, 3) not afraid to let THE NEWS AND POLICE WHO MIGHT BE WATCHING know that he’s got that thing on him, too, and 4) not going to miss his opportunity on live television to keep it real. Also, it’s not lost on me that the news station decided to include that clip in their story. Connecticut stays real.


No word on whether Jimmy Jackson from Waterbury, perhaps one of the realest niggas alive, was stopped by police AFTER his interview, but I hope he put that thing away just in case. Also, they do not seem to have caught up with Lavar Roach, either.

To Jimmy Jackson from Waterbury, for keeping it real and being the blackest thing I’ve ever seen this week, salute.


Also, stop the violence, y’all; we’re all in the same gang.