Jezebel: Bishop Eddie Long Offers 'Unfortunate' Relationship Advice

Bishop Eddie Long has dusted off Bishop Eddie Long's relationship advice book What a Man Wants, What a Woman Needs, highlighting relationship advice given by the embattled mega-church minister. They highlight his take on promiscuity, women and submission, cohabitation and the need to be "spiritual men." Basically, women are supposed to fall back, be submissive and allow God to deal with their husbands. Uh-huh. He also says that out of respect for his wife, he never travels alone so that he doesn't give the appearance of "evil." Instead he takes a man from the ministry with him. Uh-huh. It's interesting that he hammers the point that women are to be ruled over by men. Apparently women need to stop being "so smart" and just submit to their God-given roles as wives and mothers. Clearly B.J. Bernstein did not get that memo. Who knew that he cared so much about women? We'd say that some of these comments certainly prove to be "unfortunate" for Bishop Eddie Long, considering the charges he's facing.



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