"There is much more excitement about me now," says Hudson.

It seems like no one can get enough of Jennifer Hudson and her figure these days, but the star claims that wasn't always the case. In an interview with U.K.'s Grazia magazine, Hudson said she now realizes how much the entertainment industry discriminated against her before she lost weight.

"In the slim world, I do now realize I was being discriminated against. I'm offered more parts. There is much more excitement about me now." Hudson admitted that she never thought of herself as overweight back then. "I thought my old look was pretty normal. That was how all the girls looked growing up in Chicago. I didn't have any problem with it."

Although she was comfortable with carrying the extra pounds, the songstress enjoys how far she's come. "Last week I saw some footage of myself as I was five years ago, and I was surprised. It was like I recognized myself but I didn't. It seemed another world away."

That's usually how it goes in Hollywood: big and ignored to thin and celebrated. We commend JHud for losing the weight the old-fashioned way, through diet and exercise. And there's no denying how hot she looks these days. 

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