Jeffrey Dahmer’s Killer Slays Another Inmate Over MLK Painting

Christopher Scarver 
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Christopher Scarver 
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Wisconsin inmate Christopher Scarver gained nationwide notoriety after he killed serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer in prison in 1994.

However, soon after killing Dahmer, Scarver killed another inmate, Jesse Anderson, for what Scarver describes as racist antics, the New York Post reports.

According to the report, Scarver killed Anderson in November 1994 because the inmate vandalized a painting of Martin Luther King Jr. and attempted to frame black men for his wife’s murder, for which he was ultimately convicted.


“There was a picture in the arts and crafts room that a prisoner had spent a lot of time painting, and he hung it up in that room to dry,” Scarver recalled in a recent interview, according to the Post. “[Anderson] painted a blood dot on [MLK’s] forehead as if it were a bullet wound.”

Scarver was also mad when he realized that Anderson attempted to blame two black men for his wife’s death. Barbara Anderson was killed in a shopping mall parking lot after the couple had dinner at a restaurant.

Anderson told authorities that a pair of black men killed her and pointed to a Los Angeles Clippers cap found at the scene that he said one of them was wearing. However, Anderson was later connected to the purchase of the hat, thanks to witness testimony, and he was ultimately convicted.

Read more at the New York Post.

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