“They cut my hair like three years ago,” Kobe said. “That’s something I wanted to do. I was tired of it. Tired of gang banging. Tired of messing up.”


But the dreadlock beeswax wasn’t the only thing Hazelgrove had to answer for.

America’s National Newspaper called into question Crusher Club’s since-deleted tweets using the polarizing phrase “All Lives Matter,” which is commonplace among critics of the Black Lives Matter movement.


“I said that not to take away from Black Lives Matter, but to be inclusive of everyone,” Hazelgrove told USA Today. “I never meant to belittle or disrespect anyone. I will be more sensitive of what I say moving forward. I truly have love for everyone of all races, religions, and preferences, and hate does not live in me. I am so sorry for being insensitive.”

Hmmmm, I guess she tole us.

The former drug dealer turned Forbes first hip-hop billionaire may need new people.


Reps for Roc Nation and its problematic partner, the NFL, has yet to comment.