Janaya Khan, Black Lives Matter Leader, Dismantles FBI’s Fraudulent ‘Black Identity Extremist’ Report

Janaya khan
Janaya khan

From the days of COINTELPRO—the targeting of black human rights leaders and sowing dissent within the ranks of black organizations committed to freedom and liberation for black people—to its unofficial subsidiaries like the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission, whose sole purpose was to violently oppress black communities, the FBI has often operated as a terrorist group out to destroy black communities in the United States.


It should come as no surprise, then, that this white supremacist organ, which has targeted the Movement for Black Lives since its inception, recently had the audacity to create the term “black identity extremists.” The FBI-created myth of the black identity extremist was discovered in a leaked Aug. 3 report obtained by Foreign Policy:

FBI BIE redacted report (Foreign Policy)
FBI BIE redacted report (Foreign Policy)

For those who aren’t aware, according to the FBI, BIEs are motivated by “perceived” cases of police brutality and a violent ideology that endangers the lives of upstanding law-enforcement officers around the country. Moreover, the FBI has “high confidence” in these assessments because its own investigations—and those of police departments—confirm them.

If that sounds like bullshit, it’s because it is.

Social-justice educator janaya khan—a black queer, gender-nonconforming activist currently serving as international ambassador for the Black Lives Matter Network—created a three-minute video that dismantles the lies the FBI so shamelessly reported.

“Black identity extremism is the FBI’s latest tactic to criminalize black activists and justify increased police presence in black communities,” khan narrates.

“Right-wing extremism leads to far more police deaths than what the report sites. This year alone, 168 black people have been killed by police,” khan continues. “In fact, white supremacists and right-wing extremism are responsible for 73 percent of deadly U.S. domestic-terror attacks since 2001 and have killed more than two-thirds of police officers compared to their left-wing counterparts.

“Despite these stats, police officers kill black people two-and-a-half times more than they kill white people and kill unarmed black people at five times the rate as they kill unarmed white people,” khan adds.


These are facts.

We’re still waiting on the FBI’s report on state-sanctioned white supremacist attacks against black people carried out by killers wearing badges.

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Ways not to be labelled as a ‘Black Identity Extremist’

  • Go straight to the nearest white person and ask them to shoot you in the head because you deserve it (or better still ask a white police officer).
  • Write a tome about black inferiority and send it to Fox news.
  • Post anti-black rhetoric on the Stormfront white supremacist website and become a sustaining member by paying $10 a month (make it $10 a day - you have to be convincing).
  • Contact the FBI and tell them you intend to rescind your membership of Black Lives Matter and instead, join the NRA and the KKK.
  • The next time you have to use public transport, yield your seat to the nearest white person and go to the back of the bus - where you belong.
  • Leave your place of employment immediately, and go to a Texan or Mississippi farm to ask if you can provide free labor cotton picking.
  • Learn the correct manner in which to address your white betters - that will be ‘Yessum, Miss Becky I’ll drive you to the store, yessum’.
  • Stop posting comments on The Root and look for an alternative online publication with a wholly white demographic (and comments section), so that you can stroke the egos of the privileged