Jalen Rose, New York Post Unveil Multiplatform Partnership, The Renaissance Man

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Photo: Scott Legato (Getty Images)

Jalen Rose is a man of many talents.

After 13 seasons in the NBA, he’s blossomed into a celebrated journalist, mastermind behind the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy, New York Times best-selling author, noted social justice advocate and possessor of the crispiest hairline in the history of Western civilization.


He’s a renaissance man. And in staying true to form, he’s now expanding his empire to include a new multiplatform partnership with the New York Post, aptly titled The Renaissance Man.

Set to launch this fall, The Renaissance Man will feature a weekly column, as well as a weekly video podcast series that will be hosted by the Fab Five legend.

“The New York Post is an institution,” Rose said in a statement. “The Renaissance Man is about celebrating culture, those who create it and advance it, and I am honored to be given this platform to share my insights and speak with people I admire about topics that matter in today’s world. I appreciate the team at the Post for showing me love, believing in this concept and helping bring it to life.”

As a haven of sorts for Rose’s myriad of talents, the 47-year-old will provide his insight and unique perspective on sports, entertainment, fashion, education, entrepreneurship, technology, food, healthy living, travel and other topics of interest. He’ll also engage with other athletes, celebrities, business leaders and more during his weekly series.

“Jalen is an extraordinary talent and we’re very excited to have him join our New York Post family,” Sean Giancola, CEO and Publisher of The New York Post, said in a statement. “As an industry veteran and highly regarded influencer, Jalen will bring his experience and perspective on a wide variety of topics to our audience of over 100 million engaged sports, entertainment and style enthusiasts. We are looking forward to delivering entertaining and thoughtful content with his credible and unique voice, and creating engaging integrated opportunities for our advertising partners.”

No word on if this will have any effect on his deal with ESPN, but in being a true renaissance man, it’s safe to assume he’s up for whatever challenges lie ahead.

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Yeah The NY Post is an institution, a racist one run by Rupert Murdoch, Miss me with this shit. I respect Jalen tremendously but sorry you need to know who you are getting into business with. I wish him well but he could’ve done some research. Black Twitter better have the same receipts for The NY Post as they did for others.