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Jada Pinkett Smith Defends Beyoncé

Jada Pinkett Smith (Ian Gavan/Getty Images)
Jada Pinkett Smith (Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Writing at Clutch magazine, Evette Dionne points out that the actress is standing in solidarity with her "unfairly criticized" peer Beyoncé against her body-shaming critics.

Racist feminists are again critiquing Beyonce Knowles-Carter. Their latest argument is the 31-year-old's wardrobe choices were inappropriate for the "Chime for Change," a concert designed to raise funds to combat gender inequalities throughout the world.

Some of their misguided tweets included:

"Beyoncé is singing 'At Last' in leather knickers while quotes from Rosa Parks and Princess Diana blare on the screen behind her #empowerment."

"Hello @Beyonce — Dressing provocatively does NOT 'empower' women. It objectifies+teaches that physical appearance=self worth. So plz STOP!"

Meanwhile Madonna receives praise for her brazen attire and Lena Dunham's white-washed Brooklyn is the epitome of feminism.

Jada Pinkett-Smith — who's been on the receiving end of criticism for encouraging her daughter's autonomy — is standing in solidarity with her "unfairly criticized" peer …


Read Evette Dionne's entire piece at Clutch magazine.

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