J.Lo Named World's Most Beautiful Woman

Jennifer Lopez has joined former winners Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner and Beyoncé, taking the top spot in this year's annual competition for People magazine's Most Beautiful Woman.

The actual issue hasn't come out yet, but YBF reports that Ciara also made the list (but was strangely titled, "Kim Kardashian's best friend"), along with Jennifer Hudson (evidently all that weight loss continues to pay off), and Tatayana Ali (the Harvard grad who's gone from a role on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air to starring in Love That Girl is apparently featured in the "Ivy League Stunners" section).

"It's so crazy. Rarely am I left speechless, but I feel honored," Lopez told People. "I feel not worthy, you know?"

Despite the singer, actress and American Idol judge's humility, there's quite a bit of Twitter pushback taking place today, with many latching onto — and agreeing with — the "not worthy" bit and proposing their own winners. That's to be expected, unless and until beauty suddenly ceases to be subjective. But some also think the honor is a little too conveniently timed, from a PR perspective, with the upcoming release of J.Lo's first new studio album in four years.


How about a little informal poll of The Root fans (or at least those of you who haven't already grumbled, "Aren't there more important things going on in the world?" and stopped reading). Did People get it right? If not, who makes (and tops) your list?

Read more at Reuters and YBF.

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