Ivory Coast: U.N. Wants Ouattara to Investigate Duekoue Massacre


The BBC is reporting that the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is urging the Ivory Coast's internationally backed president to investigate hundreds of deaths attributed to his supporters in Duekoue. Ban Ki-moon said he was "concerned and alarmed" about the reports from the besieged town, but Alassane Ouattara said his followers were not involved. The violence in Duekoue happened last week when Outtara's fighters moved south, ousting Gbagbo's troops from large swathes of the country. Both sides have said the other was responsible.

The U.N. said on Saturday that more than 330 people had been killed as Ouattara's forces took over Duekoue, most of them at the hands of his fighters. However, more than 100 of them were killed by Gbagbo's troops, it added. U.N. forces are now guarding thousands of civilians taking refuge at a church.


Each camp is blaming the other. "The secretary general said those responsible should be held accountable."

U.N. officials are still investigating and say the final death toll may be higher. Caritas aid agency estimated that 1,000 may have died, while Ouatatra's camp claims only 162 people have been killed.

That's 162 too many people killed over political control of the country. Killing hundreds of people and blaming others is pretty weak. Why do some political "leaders" think genocide is acceptable? While we were over there blasting Libya, perhaps we should have used our resources to help end this brutal fighting.

Read more and watch video (brutal and many not be SFW) of the incident at BBC.

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