It's Too Early for Obama to Be So Mean

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In a piece for his Washington Post blog, Ed Rogers writes that President Obama's attacks on Mitt Romney are making him look like an angry partisan and will turn off swing voters.


Obama's recent harsh attacks on Mitt Romney are a mistake. Don't get me wrong — the Obama campaign should attack Romney aggressively. But Obama should appear to be engaged in administering the presidency while the dirty work is handled by others. I've been surprised by his reluctance to have a Rose Garden strategy that would be more flattering of him. Obama should appear to be earnestly working to solve problems at the White House, while his campaign attacks Romney with ads in key states and through surrogates in the media.

The best politics for Obama is to be viewed as an engaged and effective president. Instead, he rails against Romney in front of newspaper editors and wags his finger at the Supreme Court. He attacks a House GOP budget that only insiders have followed. .  .


The president's moves mystify me. Angry campaigning just isn't as flattering as the majesty of the presidency.

Read Ed Rogers' entire piece at the Washington Post.

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