Fulvio Bressan, a sixth-generation Italian winemaker, faces a boycott of his business after posting a racist rant on Facebook on Aug. 22 about Cecile Kyenge, Italy's first black government minister, according to the Huffington Post.

Though Kyenge, an outspoken advocate of looser immigration laws, has been a frequent target of racist public incidents in recent months, Bressan's note was particularly abusive.

An English translation of Bressan's note, courtesy of HuffPost Italy's Giulia Belardelli:

hey, dirty Black MONKEY, I DON'T PAY TAXES to lodge your GORILLA friends at a HOTEL. Please bring them to your place, where you can feel superior with your money … Oops … That money is not even yours: it's the money Italians give you … You're a s***ty black gold-digger.

In response, some wine merchants and writers — even those previously fans of [Bressan] and his acclaimed, 400-year-old vineyard — have called for a boycott of his wine.


But the threat of an economic backlash has not stopped Bressan, who continues to attack minorities on his on his Facebook page.

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