‘It Was Very, Very Scary’: Bus Drops 5-Year-Old Off at the Wrong School, Terrifying Her Family

CBS13 screenshot
CBS13 screenshot

A mom in the Natomas area of Sacramento, Calif., was left terrified after her 5-year-old daughter was dropped off at the wrong school in a school bus mix-up.


Thankfully, little Myah Fisher was safely located and reunited with her family, but her mom remains frustrated that her little girl could have gone missing while in the care of school district staff.

“She could’ve ended up anywhere,” Myah’s mom, Marchaunte Fisher, told CBS13.

The incident happened earlier this week because of a major mix-up with Natomas Unified School Transportation. It happened Monday, which was supposed to be Myah’s first day of summer school at Bannon Creek Elementary.


“They dropped me off at the wrong school,” Myah told the news station. “It was very, very scary.”

The bus was supposed to drop off Myah at her after-school program at Heron Elementary, and her mom says she quadruple-checked with the transportation department to confirm the plans. However, when she went to pick her daughter up, Myah wasn’t there. And thus every parent’s nightmare began.

Myah and another little boy had been dropped off at H. Allen Hight Elementary, which was closed for the summer, with no one there.

“I immediately just left and ran to the school, driving around, frantically looking for her,” Fisher told the news station.


Luckily, a kindhearted person noticed Myah wandering on a bike trail near the school, sobbing. The little girl said she had tried to walk home but had forgotten which way to go. The woman then took Myah into her car and drove to H. Allen Hight, where Myah’s mom was still desperately searching.

“The first thing she said to me when she got out the car was, ‘I thought I was never gonna see you again,’ and as a mom that hurts because you can’t protect her,” Fisher said.


The other little boy was also safely reunited with his family.

School and transportation officials have apologized, but Fisher is not satisfied, given that anything could have happened to her daughter.


“They’re not gonna watch out for your children,” she said.

The school district announced that it will take immediate steps to make sure nothing similar happens again, including assigning an aide to each school bus to assist with student drop-off, and reviewing all routing manifests and itineraries to confirm drop-off points for all students.


As for Myah, well, she doesn’t want to get lost again.

“It’s not an adventure,” she said.


Read more at CBS13.

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Where is the story of the little boy that was dropped off at the wrong school also?.. his parents did not flag down a news crew?

Sorry but this is a shame and a problem and scary... but if you have kids this stuff happens. I don’t think this is worth a nationwide story.