‘It Crosses a Line’: Sherri Shepherd on Sharon Osbourne’s Hostile Exchange With Sheryl Underwood

Sherri Shepherd attends the Los Angeles special screening of Bleeker Street’s “Brian Banks”on July 31, 2019 in Long Beach, California.
Sherri Shepherd attends the Los Angeles special screening of Bleeker Street’s “Brian Banks”on July 31, 2019 in Long Beach, California.
Photo: Phillip Faraone (Getty Images)

Former co-host of The View Sherri Shepherd is sending her support to Sheryl Underwood in the aftermath of her and Sharon Osbourne’s hella hostile exchange. (And by “hella hostile,” I mean on the part of Sharon—let’s be very clear.)


We’ve been keeping you up to speed on the actions that have taken place since their conversation aired live on the March 10 episode of The Talk, namely Sharon’s alleged apology to Sheryl and CBS’ now extended hiatus of the show. In addition to that, we also told you about Sheryl’s feelings in regards to the whole situation, which could essentially be summed up as “I got some good-ass sleep that night because I know I didn’t do anything wrong. The situation has been forgiven. Y’all be easy.” Now Sherri Shepherd is weighing in, highlighting both the audacious and hypocritical nature of Sharon’s comments and the accurate fact that it’s Sheryl who deserves to be centered in this conversation.

“I think it crosses a line when you’re a grown up and someone tells you what you can and cannot do emotionally,” Sherri told Yahoo Entertainment. “When they tell you, you are not allowed to cry. This has been hard because I think nobody’s been talking about Sheryl Underwood and what she’s had to go through. I think everyone’s been talking about ‘Sharon, Sharon, Sharon,’ but what did Sheryl Underwood have to go through on The Talk? When she had to speak in very slow and measured terms. So to have to measure what she’s saying and not be able to have the same kind of passion that her co-host had, I think that’s very unfair.”

She added, “I think it was a trigger for a lot of women who [have] had to be in that situation of someone treating you like you’re less than. Then they try to cut to commercial and you hear curse words coming out of Sharon’s mouth towards Sheryl who’s a grown woman, she takes care of a household. They’ve been together 11 seasons, what was that [like] for her? And I think that’s a hard thing to have a woman talk to you in that kind of way.”

Sherri was also quick to bring up prior comments from folks like Leah Remini, who could attest to Sharon’s past disparaging comments, especially as it pertained to her and former co-host of The Talk, Holly Robinson Peete. “When you keep getting reports that come in and then all of a sudden people see you defending someone who has made comments that were racists [and] racial in nature, that’s a little bit hypocritical.”

Damn right, Sherri. Let’s hope after CBS is done with their little investigation, they reach a just conclusion.



So Sherri Shepherd’s shockingly dumb ass actually got something right for a change?! Promote whoever has been coaching her.

Cuz I remember: “I don’t know if the world is round” and “My autistic Black son says he doesn't like Black girls cuz they're mean".