Issa Rae in Awkward Black Girl (YouTube)

Coming soon from Magic Johnson's Aspire network: a show called Exhale, which Jezebel described on Tuesday as "essentially a View hosted by five black women instead of Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the voices in her head."

Exhale's five co-hosts, according to Variety, are: journalist Angela Burt-Murray, actress and comedian Erin Jackson, helmer Issa Rae, author and TV anchor Rene Syler, and actress Malinda Williams. The show has already begun filming, and its initial eight-episode run will begin in June to coincide with Aspire's one-year anniversary.

We think Awkward Black Girl creator Issa Rae alone pretty much guarantees that Exhale will be worth a couple of laughs a day (and that this program will be different from The View because those laughs will be with, not at, certain members of the cast). No word yet on whether one of the hosts will take on Whoopi Goldberg's assigned role of "going off" on the racist of the week 
 or whether we need that from our morning entertainment.

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