Is Hakeem Jeffries Brooklyn's Obama?

Marie Figueroa/Jeffries for Congress
Marie Figueroa/Jeffries for Congress

Brooklyn, N.Y., Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries is running for Rep. Ed Towns' seat (D) and he might be aided by his similarities to another black man in office, President Barack Obama. According to the Washington Post, Jeffries' primary opponent in the upcoming primary on June 26 is City Councilman and civil rights activist elder Charles Barron, and some say the multicultural leanings of the young contender and former lawyer might work in his best interest. 


The Washington Post reports:  

A former associate of the Manhattan firm Paul Weiss, Jeffries has connections to wealthy donors and prominent politicians. (He roomed with former D.C. mayor Adrian Fenty while getting a graduate degree at Georgetown University.)


Jeffries is “someone who works easily within both the black and white communities,” said Theodore Wells, who was Jeffries mentor at the law firm. “I think Hakeem represents a natural evolution in the background of African American politicians. The prior generation of African American politicians had their roots in the civil rights movements of the 1960s, but Hakeem's generation grew up in a more multicultural America, and in that sense their backgrounds and perspectives are different.”

Like Obama, Jeffries has earned some ire from liberals for his moderation. For example, he supports charter schools and has been vague on a controversial development project. He's also been criticized by his opponent for lack of experience.

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