The people behind a new campaign spreading across the Internet say they hope to make Joseph Kony, the Ugandan leader of the violent Lord's Resistance Army, "famous" so that he can be brought to justice, according to the Washington Post.

The viral film, with tens of millions of views in the last day alone, was created by Invisible Children, a charity that seeks to end the conflict in Uganda and raises awareness about human rights abuses by Kony and the LRA.


But some activists have voiced concerns about the methods used by Invisible Children to raise awareness, such as manipulating the facts, to promote its cause.

Jedediah Jenkins, director of idea development for Invisible Children, called the criticism "myopic" and said the film represented a "tipping point" in that it got young people to care about an issue on the other side of the planet that doesn't affect them.


Watch the video here:

Read more at the Washington Post.

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