Police believe that Matthew Russ set fire to his ex-girlfriend’s house before coming out and dancing on the roof.

A man is in police custody after barricading himself into an Indianapolis home and setting it on fire, ABC 6 reports. The individual, identified as Matthew Russ, 25, allegedly stole his ex-girlfriend's keys from her home, took her car and crashed it into a pole Monday morning. 

Russ' ex-girlfriend called the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, and officers say they found Russ sitting in a chair in the driveway holding a knife. When officers arrived, Russ reportedly went into the house and onto the roof with the knife in his hand. Officers tried to talk him down before firing rubber bullets at him. Russ went back into the home, but then smoke started to come from the house, which led the Fire Department to be called to the scene.


Russ could be seen coming back out onto the roof as the blaze picked up, dancing. Authorities tried to talk him down, and Russ threw his knife on the ground but didn't leave the roof. Officers went up in an aerial ladder, stunned the 25-year-old with a Taser gun and then took him into custody. 

Russ is reportedly known to have anger issues and was smiling when he was taken away, according to the report. 

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