In Last-Minute Bid for Most Basura Becky of 2018, White Woman Hurls Racial Slurs and Assaults Asian Woman on Train

Screenshot: Twitter: @PlatanoMan

With just a handful of days left in 2018, one woman wanted to stake her claim as the terriblest white woman to ever terrible on a New York City subway. It’s stiff competition on any given day, but in a year that has been partially defined by white people going full wypipo in public spaces, this Metro Martha is intent on giving her seasonless sist’ren a run for their money.

In video captured and shared by Twitter user @PlatanoMan, a woman identified by transit officials as 40-year-old Anna Lushchinskaya can be seen initiating a violent, prolonged confrontation with an Asian American straphanger.

According to WABC-TV, the incident took place during the morning rush hour on a northbound D Train in Brooklyn, with Lushchinskaya taking offense after the young Asian woman bumped into her, police said.


Because it is apparently absolutely inconceivable to bump into anyone on the fucking subway.

Intent on not letting shit go, Lushchinskaya hurls obscenities at the woman and struck her multiple times, at times with her umbrella and keys, other times trying to kick the woman. Other train passengers yell at her to stop and try to break up the fight, but Lushchinskaya refuses to stand down, telling the woman she’s assaulting to “back off” even as she continuously instigates a fight.

At one point, she seems to say she’s going to call the cops. For what, it’s unclear, but in case you were wondering if Lushchinskaya was motivated by a little something that begins with “r” and ends with “acism,” she left no doubt—spitting in the Asian woman’s direction and following up her gross display by hissing, “Fucking chink!”


Suffice to say the train—which had a fair amount of Asian people, as well as people who were not racist trash, on it—was not amused. Meanwhile, Lushchinskaya’s washed and weathered ass must have hit some sort of Caucasity bonus because good Lord, how much Becky Behavior can one even fit in five minutes???

I’d like to pause here to meditate on the sheer New York-iness of this situation. From the dude growling with deep MTA angst, “Bitch you’re going to make us late for work!” to the fact that a guy with the handle “Platano Man”—quite possibly the most Nuyorican superhero to ever exist—took it upon himself to make a citizen’s arrest on the subway platform.


(Also, @PlatanoMan, we see you, boo.)


Anyway, this bitch was charged with felony assault, according to NYPD Transit’s official Twitter, though she doesn’t appear to have been charged with a bias crime. As WABC-TV reports, this isn’t Lushchinskaya’s first rumble on the rails: according to a criminal complaint from this summer, Lushchinskaya allegedly pepper-sprayed a man on the D train at the 36th Street Station.

Your morning commute could never!

Staff writer, The Root.

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