I want to be in it, I want my other male colleagues to be in it too, I want other women who have the power to be in it too,” Elwes said about the initiative, which has already garnered support from Tessa Thompson and director Angela Robinson. “Things are gonna change when people who have power actually use it.”


Spencer agreed, as her fight to ensure fair pay for all in Hollywood continues:

“I’m a pragmatist, and I think that what’s exciting is, for me right now, is I feel like there’s a paradigm shift and women are leading the charge in that,” she told the “Women Breaking Barriers” audience. “We just have to continue the momentum, and we have to remember that all of us, we need to work together, men and women. We need to advocate for each other. … I think we’ve made considerable strides in the conversation. Are we there yet? Uh, no. But are we where we were? Uh, no, and that’s what’s promising. I like the idea of that.”