In the Alabama state constitution, there is a paragraph of "separate but equal" rhetoric regarding the school system, and surprisingly, blacks want to keep it there. According to the Associated Press, local African-American politicians say changing the wording to that of the proposed "Amendment 4" would be financially harmful to schools.

This time, black groups are leading the opposition to change. The Alabama Democratic Conference and the Alabama New South Alliance say the change, backed largely by white Republicans with a pro-business approach, looks like a "feel good" change but is not.

Amendment 4 would excise outdated language about poll taxes and separate schools that many consider racist. But the critics say the language being proposed as a substitute undermines funding for public education by reaffirming that there is no right to a public education at taxpayers' expense in Alabama.

"It is a wolf in sheep's clothing. It seems so good but is so bad," said black Democratic Sen. Hank Sanders of Selma, a New South founder.

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