Illegal Immigrants Abused as Domestics

A recent report: Illegal immigrants are abused as domestic servants. (Thinkstock)

George Jahn of the Associated Press is reporting that illegal immigrants working as domestics in the European Union are often subject to beatings, sexual abuse and overwork while being paid a fraction of what they would be entitled to if employed legally, an EU agency reported Tuesday.

The Vienna-based EU Fundamental Rights agency interviewed 72 people working illegally in 10 EU nations. It described the accounts it heard as "chilling."


"Migrants in an irregular situation employed in domestic work are at heightened risk of exploitation and abuse, including sexual abuse," the report says.

It notes that because such people — usually women — are afraid to turn to authorities, they are deprived of their most fundamental rights. Among its recommendations, the 64-page document calls for broadened labor inspections of households in a search for illegal domestic workers; loosening immigration rules where there is a shortage of domestics so positions can be filled legally; and providing increased support for trade unions and advocacy groups providing legal assistance for exploited illegals.

Quoting unidentified victims of exploitation, the report outlined a broad category of direct and indirect abuse, ranging from sex forced upon illegals by their employers to serious illness caused by physical and mental stress.

Did we really need a report to declare these findings? Many people employ "illegal immigrants" to perform work illegally. If one is willing to do that, then it is not a far stretch that he or she would not have respect for other laws.


There is a history and pattern of abuse of domestic workers, especially women, that has been well-documented even in this country. Historically, very little has been done about it. We'll just ask the obvious question. Here is yet another report of domestic workers, many of whom are undocumented, being abused. Now what?

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