There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Natural

When it comes to Black beauty practices, debates around natural hair and how much makeup is too much will always topics of conversation. But Kirkland believes 2023 will see more women embracing their natural beauty and showcasing it on their dating app profile photos. “Locs” and “Natural Hair” were the 3rd and 5th most used profile stickers in 2022, respectively.

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Do You, Boo

Sexual fluidity is another growing trend among GenZ singles, with an increasing number of singles identifying as “pansexual.” Kirkland cited Match Group’s recent “Singles in America” survey, in which 41 percent of GenZ respondents said they would be open to dating someone who is transgender. He believes traditional rigid definitions of sexuality will go out the window in 2023, and the younger generations will begin to embrace a more open-minded approach to dating and sex.


Let’s Get This Money Together

“Black Business Owner” was another commonly used sticker on BLK profiles. And in 2023, Kirkland predicts a rise in what he calls, entre-dating” – dating someone with similar business interests and entrepreneurial passions, with hopes of going into business together. 


When asked for his best advice on dating in 2023, Kirkland says start with yourself. “Things haven’t been the same since 2019. Let’s make 2023 your year. Yeah, we’ve heard that before, but this time let’s really do it!” he said. “Showing up with your best self in every situation will attract people to you.”