If You’ve Ever Wanted to Rock Chaka Khan’s Iconic Hair, Now’s Your Chance

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Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation

10-time Grammy Award winning Icon Chaka Khan, known for a crown of curls as big as her voice, has announced a new wig collection, The Chaka by Indique.


Currently, there are two styles to choose from: the iKhanic Curl and the iKhanic Straight (see what she did there?)

“I want to empower younger people, to live their best lives, to feel good about themselves,” Khan told Essence . “To love themselves. Even though I’m still working on loving myself. I’m still working on it but it’s something that I think can be achieved.”

With the singer’s iKhanic pieces you’ll be sure to draw eyes of attention. The future might even hold some animal prints. She tells Essence:

“My idea is to do some like rainbow colored clip-ins and stuff. Not something pink, not pink and blue. I’m talking ’bout some hair colors, like real colors. I’m thinking of doing some leopard stuff.”

The iKhanic collection will also be accompanied by the iKhanic shine, a heat protectant and finishing hairspray. Future plans also include a cosmetics line and foray into fashion. Chaka reminds us though, that the best fashion accessory we have is our own self-confidence.

“I’m doing everything to help everybody I can to enhance the beauty that they possess” Chaka Khan says, “But I want to stress that the beauty comes from the inside and that’s the main thing.”


The Chaka by Indique line will be available starting April 30th at indiquehair.com and chakabyindique.com.



My wife and kids surprised me a couple years ago and took me to her concert at Disney.

Wife said it would be OK for Chaka Khan to be my future ex-wife.

That’s why I love her so much.