Idris Elba to Open Health Clinic in Sierra Leone

Idris Elba to open health clinic in Sierra Leone
Idris Elba to open health clinic in Sierra Leone

EURweb is reporting that British actor Idris Elba is planning to open a health care clinic in Sierra Leone to provide support for sick families in his father's homeland.


The actor was born in England to African parents and has never visited his father's birthplace or his mother's hometown in Ghana. So he's putting together plans to boost health care in Sierra Leone by teaming up with a cousin to fund a medical unit in the country — and he's even considering helping the region's arts industry.

"It's embarrassing. I have to go. There are plans, serious plans! I can't wait," Elba told Britain's Observer Magazine. “I want to go to Sierra Leone with something — whether it's some sort of contribution to health care, or to the entertainment industry. My cousin is a nurse; we are talking about opening a clinic."


Elba, whose next role is as Heimdal in Thor, is taking his celebrity and financial success and doing something worthwhile with it. Kudos to a man whose star is on the rise, yet is still interested in his beginnings and helping others.


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