‘I Believe If My Daughter Was a White Girl, They Would Have Taken All My Leads Seriously’: Mother of Missing 16-Year-Old

Armoni Chambers
Armoni Chambers
Screenshot: Fox 6

A 16-year-old Wisconsin girl who was missing for over a month has finally been tracked down.


After a Facebook video surfaced of Armoni Chambers of Milwaukee being sexually assaulted, local activists were able to track her down.

On May 17, Armoni went missing and her mother, Bonnie Bruno, had been searching for her ever since. According to Fox 6, Bruno received a video tip of Armoni getting on a Greyhound bus in Milwaukee en route to Chicago.

On Jun 29, Bruno shared the news that her daughter was found.

Armoni went to Chicago reportedly so she could meet someone she met on social media, but what she didn’t realized was that person was a predator, who sold her for sex, beat her and drugged her to keep her from escaping.

When Bruno contacted police, she barely received help.

“I was told, and I quote, ‘Well she’s gone missing before, maybe she’ll come back,’” Bruno said to Fox 6. “I believe if my daughter was a white girl, they would have taken all my leads seriously.”


Bruno had to call on local activist Tory Lowe. With his help, as well as other activists in the area, he tracked Armoni down and convinced her captors to let her go.

Bruno has a message for parents who may be in a similar situation:

“Don’t give up,” Bruno said to news station. “When your gut tells you something isn’t right, you have to speak up.”


Chicago police are investigating the case.

Montana Couser is a recent Howard University grad and Philly native.


Like that poor woman who had to find her daughter on Backpage.


Children/Teens/ Adults of color do not get the same quality of concern or investigation as WHITE people do, and additionally, Chicago seems to have a Missing Persons problem.

I remember reading one write up in Jet (I think, all I can find are teasers, not the full article) that detailed an 11 yr old missing boy listed as “a runaway”. At 11 yrs old you can neither legally hold a job, nor a lease. Custodial Interference is a crime. So for an Officer or a Precinct to decline to investigate is just a big old “we don’t think Black Children are worthy of our time or funds”.

Shit like this is how people like R. Kelly thrive.