Harriette Cole, former Commissioner of New York City’s Office of Veterans Affairs Terrance Holliday and Army Reserve Capt. Michael McLean
Courtesy of Harriette Cole Media

They have served their country and made sacrifices that most of us can never imagine. Some come home with physical injuries, many with emotional problems, and all are looking for ways to move forward with their lives. They are veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or serving on duty standing watch over the world’s hot spots.

In this Wednesday’s episode of The Root Live: Bring It to the Table, host Harriette Cole speaks with two veterans about the challenges for men and women after they serve and what we, as Americans, can do to honor and respect that service. In the episode, titled “Veteran’s Day: How Helpful Are We in the Transition Back to Civilian Life?” Cole speaks with Terrance Holliday, former commissioner of New York City's Office of Veterans Affairs, and Army Reserve Capt. Michael McLean, a veteran of the Iraq War. Both men talk about the educational opportunities for veterans and the importance of accessing all the benefits of the GI Bill.

The Root Live: Bring It to the Table video series continues every Wednesday through Dec. 24. Other topics in the series include the following:

* whether crowdfunding can finance your dream;
* LGBT partners and benefits: knowing your rights;
* how to keep from going broke after divorce;
* living a biblically sound financial life;
* managing your children’s financial expectations.


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