How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Who Shot Annalise?

Season 2’s “Who shot Annalise?” (played by Viola Davis, left) plot on How to Get Away With Murder keeps adding up suspects.
ABC/John Fleenor
Season 2’s “Who shot Annalise?” (played by Viola Davis, left) plot on How to Get Away With Murder keeps adding up suspects.
ABC/John Fleenor

The list of “Who shot Annalise?” suspects is growing. On an episode where Annalise and the crew rep a client accused of harassing someone until he killed himself, the real drama of who wants to kill Annalise gets going:

Tell us how you really feel, Bonnie. Bonnie wants Annalise Keating dead. So, should the professor be afraid? Very. All through season 1, How to Get Away With Murder fans watched Bonnie do Annalise’s bidding. The diminutive murderer flew under the radar for the majority of the season, on the sidelines for most of the action.


That changed drastically when, without instruction from her sometimes fearless leader, Bonnie decided to place a plastic bag over a woman’s head and fatally suffocate her. That’s when it became clear that Bonnie was more than a lackey and that she’s capable of horrible things.

Now, after Bpnnie learns that Annalise broke her confidence by sharing Bonnie’s secret with Asher, it’s not a stretch to imagine that Bonnie is the one who shoots Annalise in a matter of days.

Connor, tired of Annalise’s control? However, there’s also Connor, who was none too pleased to find out that Annalise might still be in possession of his car … the one he used to transport Sam’s bloody corpse. Add to that the fact that Connor’s beau, Oliver, has been pulled into the quagmire of Annalise’s practice. Now, it seems, Oliver is missing (seemingly thanks to Hapstall cousin Philip), and it’s not hard to imagine that Connor may take out his anger on Annalise. More than anyone, he seems annoyed that the professor has so much power over her minions.

Wes is the one with the gun. Whereas Bonnie and Connor are not the ones with the gun. The one with the gun is Wes, and he’s not exactly an Annalise fan. For the majority of season 2, he’s been trying to pin a murder on Annalise, and his plan has failed. He’s been defiant like a teenager trying to rebel and see how far he can push Mommy before she smacks him across the cheekbone.

Speaking of parental influence, Annalise reveals to Eve, who returned this week to defend Nate against charges that he murdered Nia, that Wes isn’t a random student. “It’s him,” she responds when Eve wonders why Annalise is jumping through hoops to protect him. Who is this kid? Is he Annalise’s son, as so many have predicted? It surely wouldn’t be the craziest thing to happen on the show! Maybe Wes finds out the truth, and he’s the one who puts a bullet in his bio mom to purge his abandonment issues.

It will be harder for Annalise to protect her puppy if she’s dead.