How to Get Away With Murder Is Back, and We Have Questions

Viola Davis returns in How to Get Away With Murder.
Viola Davis returns in How to Get Away With Murder.

The second season of How to Get Away With Murder returns Thursday after leaving fans with a cliff-hanger months ago. Things, however, won’t pick up right where they left off. Instead, when viewers tune in, they’ll find Annalise Keating hobbling home from the hospital weeks after being shot by Wes/Christophe.


For those who need a refresher, a lot happened during the first half of season 2. Annalise reconnected with her former sweetheart Eve, who helped Annalise relieve the stress of dealing with homicidal students. Eve also defended Nate in court, keeping him out of jail and freeing him to conspire with Wes to bring about Annalise’s downfall. The professor’s favorite student remained sore about Rebecca’s disappearance.  

All the while, prosecutor Emily Sinclair had her sights set on Annalise, too. That desire only intensified as Annalise continued to trump Emily in court while defending the Hapstall siblings, who are accused of murdering their adoptive parents. Though Nate threatened Emily, it was Asher who stopped her by simply shifting his car into reserve and running her over.

To cover up Asher’s criminal activity, Annalise decided to toss the prosecutor off a ledge at the Hapstall mansion, presumably covering up Asher’s role in her death … and framing Hapstall sister Christine. However, unsure whether that alone would fool authorities, Annalise decided to take one for the team in the form of a bullet to the leg. She asked for volunteers to take aim and fire, but surprisingly, no one was too eager to take the shot.

That’s when Annalise persuaded Wes to do the deed by admitting to him that Rebecca didn’t run away—she’s dead. Unfortunately for Annalise, Wes improvised the shooting and struck her in the abdomen. As she bled on the floor, she whispered, “Christophe,” which triggered a flashback. Ten years ago, Annalise and Eve watched through one-sided glass as a preteen Wes/Christophe was interrogated about an apparent suicide. “What did we do?” they asked each other.

That’s not the only question that needs answering. Check out this list of a few loose ends that need to be tied.

The Annalise-and-Wes Connection

Since the show’s premiere, Annalise has had a soft spot for Wes, so much so that many fans guessed that he’s actually her son. There were a few moments early on when Annalise seemed to be flirting with her pupil—caressing those emerging pecs, palming his clean-shaven face and approaching Mary Kay Letourneau inappropriateness—but no lines were ever crossed, except maybe on the dance floor.


While rumors of their biological connection continue, fans now know for sure that the two have a history, and it has something to do with the woman who “hurt herself” and “looked dead,” according to Wes/Christophe. Was that woman his bio or foster mom? What do Annalise and Eve have to do with her apparent demise? Is he Annalise’s child? Will he ever forgive her for hiding the truth about his deceased girlfriend? Was Wes trying to kill Annalise when he shot her? Answers, please.

The Hapstall Whodunit

Well, we know who shot Annalise, but are we certain about who killed the Hapstall couple? Daughter Catherine seems to the be latest suspect. Annalise is so sure of her guilt that she’s comfortable framing Catherine for Emily Sinclair’s death. Either that or Annalise no longer cares about the case as her priorities switch to protecting her students at all costs.


Is Annalise right about Catherine? It’s possible that Caleb (Michaela’s new love interest) has set his sister up for the fall. That would make sense, considering Michaela’s track record of horrible judgment when it comes to men.

Asher’s Frat-Boy Fray

Poor Asher. He seemed like an afterthought during season 1 of the show. His fellow students didn’t even think enough of him to save his number in their phones. Luckily he had Bonnie to acknowledge his existence.


Now that he’s passed Annalise’s unofficial initiation by murdering someone, maybe they’ll include him more when coming up with ways to discredit witnesses, break the law and manipulate those who stand in their way. Asher could use the support of the Keating clan after being cut off by his mother … and following his father’s suicide. Now that his skeletons are out of the closet, will they be buried or will his alleged victim be popping up to finally exact revenge?

WTH? Whose Baby Is That?

A preview for the upcoming season 2 episodes shows a distressed Annalise walking outside with a very calm infant in her arms. She’s screaming, “I can’t.” Is that Wes in Annalise’s arms or is this a current-day scene? Is she dreaming? What is it that the formidable attorney believes she can’t do? Has Annalise lost it?


It would also be nice to see:

* Michaela finally dating a man who isn’t hiding some critical piece of information, like his interest in the same sex or his real name;

* Nate distance himself from Annalise, who seems too happy to manipulate him for the sake of her students. He’s too fine for that;

* Oliver join the Keating Five. He’s already proved himself a valuable asset and was even semikidnapped after hacking into a suspect’s computer. He’s earned his spot;

* Class attendance. What do those GPAs look like? When was the last time these students attended a lecture? They’ve clearly learned how to get away with missing class and not studying.


There are plenty of questions waiting to be answered when How to Get Away With Murder returns Thursday at 10 p.m. EST … and probably more questions to come.