How To Find Time For Love As a Entrepreneur

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Being an entrepreneur/business owner allows you to give birth to a dream that lies deep within you. Many entrepreneurs can attest that moving from dream to reality takes a considerable amount of blood, sweat and tears. Time and love are often the drivers that allow the blood, sweat and tears to manifest into an entrepreneur’s dream come true. However, the amount of time and love an entrepreneur spends building and operating their business can have an adverse impact in the quest to find or maintain love.


The reality is you only have 24 hours in a day to allocate across the various areas in your life. Many entrepreneurs who are married, in relationships or desire relationships find themselves torn trying to allocate time between what they do and the one they love or desire to love.

“I want my business to be successful.”

“I can’t afford NOT to work the hours I’m working in order to be successful.”

“It’s hard to find someone who understands what I do.”

“I’m having trouble managing time for business and pleasure.”

Do these statements sound familiar?

As with most of life’s challenges, you try to treat the symptoms instead of addressing the source. You don’t have to remain torn between two loves. The challenge of balancing business and pleasure is one of perspective.


Consider the following keys for balancing what you do with the quest to find or maintain love:

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