How Much Do You Know About The Russia Investigation?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible ties between the Kremlin and President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign has entered its second year. There have been indictments, plea deals and convictions. A lot has happened, but how many Americans actually know about it?


The Root asked New Yorkers how much they really know about the investigation. Some of the reactions were fairly informed, others not so much. A few were pretty hilarious.

Check out our video to see how much some folks know after two years of intense news coverage of Russia and Trump’s ties to the Kremlin.

Terrell Jermaine Starr is a senior reporter at The Root. He is currently writing a book proposal that analyzes US-Russia relations from a black perspective.

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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

How Much Do You Know About the Russia Investigation?

Well. I’ve bought and am reading Craig Unger’s book

I’ve followed Julia Davis as of this morning when she reported this

and Andrea Mitchell actually hosted Erik BLACKWATER Prince, despite his previous terrible record with accidents

And I know Moochin’ Mnuchin quietly removed the regulation requiring non-profits to report their political collections and contributions to the IRS when the link from Russia to the NRA arose in the wake of Marina Boutina’s arrest, and I found out this morning that Sessions’ DOJ actively blocked outside observers from looking at the DC Trump Hotel’s financial records (@CREWCrew better get a warrant for those)

I know racism and white supremacist beliefs are tools they use to “unite” the Complicit GOP both with the white nationalists in Russia under Putin and the white nationalists in Europe who call Putin the “father of white supremacy”, and I was simultaneously annoyed and relieved when Bill Maher said those things on his show and had other people saying them, because some of the rest of us have been writing about it at least as long as they’ve been saying it and sometimes longer

As a result, I also know those divisive racist tactics are not only a national security threat, but I also know they’re being adopted with frightening ease in some of the other hotly contested electoral races in states from GA to NY


and these are some of the literally deplorable results the deployment of those tactics are producing

And then there was that whole thing about how Papadopoulos is absolutely getting jail time because his initial refusal to cooperate may have cost the Mueller team the time they needed to apprehend the Cambridge-Analytica-linked professor whom they were trying to question, thus buying him time to leave the country (and now nobody knows where he is, but those of us who follow this stuff suspect Moscow).

It is an escalating concern of mine that, in the face of all this, white people who call themselves “progressives” are neither paying enough attention nor devoting enough resources to fighting voter suppression tactics in order to get the base out to vote whom they know they can count on, and they’re still wasting too much time running after Trump supporters whom they insist can be “turned when they’re shown how Trump is ruining the country and committing treason” when not only do they not know how many of those voters there are because some of what Tara Dowdell calls the “Secret Trump supporters” will literally lie to their wives about who they’re voting for and will go out and vote for Trump and these racist GOP candidates anyway, but those voters approve both of these tactics and this ideology even when they don’t want to say so (just as was shown at the “Unite the Rally” when all the lurkers who support Jordan Kessler in email didn’t show up to show their faces because that level of racism and Nazism remains publicly unacceptable but they still support him tacitly otherwise Kessler & Spencer & all the others they claim to speak for wouldn’t have shown up in the first place).

 I also know I don’t know enough because what I do know raises more questions than answers, so what am I missing?