How Facebook Found This Abandoned Child's Parents

Zoe Brown (Anderson County Sheriff's Office)
Zoe Brown (Anderson County Sheriff's Office)

An abandoned 4-year-old dubbed "little Jane Doe" has now been identified as Zoe Brown, thanks in part to the nearly 2 million people who posted her photo on Facebook after she was found on a doorstep in South Carolina last Thursday evening, the Huffington Post reports.


After her story was widely shared, a tip to South Carolina authorities helped them identify her as well as her parents, who have now been charged with child neglect.

The girl, who was found in a stroller wearing a shirt that read "Auntie Loves Me," also bore a note on her diaper that read "Call DFAC" or Division of Family and Child Services, ABC News reported. Anderson County Sheriff's Office have identified the little girl as Zoe Brown of Marietta, Ga.

Authorities arrested Brown's parents, 31-year-old Alonzo Brown and 37-year-old Tongela Denise McBride, on Friday evening with the charge of unlawful neglect of a child.

Social media played a pivotal role in identifying the toddler and leading authorities to her parents. Nearly 2 million people reposted Brown's photos on Facebook. A tip came in identifying Brown.

Editor's note: Zoe Brown was found on a doorstep in South Carolina, not Georgia, as originally stated.

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