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Homeowners Foreclose on Bank of America

Homeowners falsely foreclosed on by Bank of America fight back. (Thinkstock)
Homeowners falsely foreclosed on by Bank of America fight back. (Thinkstock)

Kelly Heffernan-Tabor is reporting that in a real-life example of turnabout, a Florida couple foreclosed on Bank of America, which had erroneously foreclosed on a home for which the couple had paid cash. The case went to court, and the homeowners were able to prove that they didn't owe Bank of America anything on the house. In fact, it was proved that the couple never even had a mortgage bill to pay.


After the hearing, a Collier County judge ordered Bank of America to pay the legal fees of the homeowners, Maurenn Nyergers and her husband. The judge said the bank had wrongfully tried to foreclose on the Nyergers' house.

More than five months after the judge's ruling, the bank still hadn't paid the legal fees, and the homeowner's attorney did exactly what the bank tried to do to the homeowners. He seized the bank's assets.


"They've ignored our calls, ignored our letters; legally this is the next step to get my clients compensated," attorney Todd Allen told CBS.

Sheriff's deputies, movers,and the Nyergers' attorney went to the bank and foreclosed on it. The attorney gave instructions to remove desks, computers, copiers, filing cabinets and any cash in the tellers' drawers. After about an hour of being locked out of the bank, the bank manager handed the attorney a check for the legal fees.

How is the bank going to erroneously foreclose on a house with which it has no mortgage, and then fail to pay the legal fees ordered by the court? Not only is this a case of turnabout as fair play, but it also demonstrates the incompetence and insubordination of the banking industry.

Shouldn't there be some remorse for ostensibly ruining a couple's credit and negatively affecting their lives by forcing them to go through this unwarranted ordeal? You would think that a representative from the bank would have written the check for court fees on-site at the courthouse.  Clearly, humility and doing the right thing are in short supply these days.



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