Home Depot Co-Founder Thinks People Use Food Stamps to Buy Marijuana and Cocaine

Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Imagine going up to a drug dealer and asking him to swipe your EBT card so you can buy some edibles. That’s exactly what Home Depot’s co-founder, Ken Langone, thinks is happening when it comes to how food stamp recipients use their benefits.

During an appearance on Fox News’ Your World With Neil Cavuto on 
Wednesday, Langone waxed on about how Donald Trump’s budget cuts are rightfully targeting the food stamp program and how he feels that, even though it’s been proved otherwise, food stamp fraud is rampant.


“How do we make sure that food stamps are being used for what they’re called, food?” Langone asked. “And this, to me, is part of the problem.”

Oh, but wait. Some government officials don’t even think food stamps should be used for all foods. God forbid you may want a lobster-and-steak dinner. Steak, sure. Lobster, nah.

Langone went on to prove how idiotic he and his ilk are as he tried to explain his food-stamp-fraud rationale.

“Hell, people use food stamps to buy marijuana—that’s illegal—or cocaine, or whatever the hell else people use to get high,” he said. “How do we make sure that we don’t take a system that is well-intentioned that becomes badly abused?”


Remember when states attempted to drug-test food stamp recipients, and they spent a load of money doing it? Only to find out that next to no one was actually using drugs? Well, that turned out to be a waste.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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Not Enough Day Drinking

I’m for eliminating food stamps too, right after we raise the minimum wage to the point that people can shelter, clothe and feed themselves by working a single full time job.

Because it’s a sinister cycle were a company like Walmart pays people so little that they need foodstamps to survive, and then they can’t afford to shop anywhere else but Walmart, so essentially the government is subsidizing Walmart who make out like bandits on both ends.