photo credit: AP

88 year-old James von Bronn walked into the Holocaust Memorial Museum yesterday with a .22 caliber rifle and opened fire on security guards, visitors and children.  I, for one, am heartbroken and livid.  Von Bronn hated Jews, he hated Blacks; he made racist comments on every anti-human site in cybersphere. Why wasn't this lunatic monitored? There are hundreds of agencies that monitor the cyber patterns of child predators and pedophiles, but an extreme racist?  Well, I guess that's not such an urgent matter. Not!

Von Bronn's ex-wife says he loved to paint ducks. Here's some real talk:  I don't care if the man loved to paint the Coming of Jesus.  He, and all other perverted and homicidal racists, need to be pulled from their homes and put behind bars until further notice.  That's it.  Let's get this done!  Some Israelis are insulted that Obama was on the phone with their Prime Minister and showed the soles of his feet.  Well, here's something a bit more urgent:  another black man [let's call him Stephen Tyrone Johns] has been murdered because, in America, white racists still feel compelled to unleash their outrage on innocent blacks.  And I, for one, feel it's time for Obama to step up, make history, and do something about this.


Keith Josef Adkins is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and social commentator.