Hit by Critics, Jay-Z's OWS-Inspired Tees Pulled


The Daily News is reporting that Rocawear has yanked hip-hop mogul Jay-Z's Occupy Wall Street T-shirt line from its website after coming under heavy criticism for failing to promise to share profits with the movement.

Rocawear announced on Thursday that it planned to sell the T-shirts for $22, but any trace of garments has now been wiped from the brand's site.


Backlash sparked when Jay-Z's camp announced it had no plans to share profits.

"We have not made an official commitment to monetarily support the movement," a Rockawear spokeswoman told Gawker.com.

[Russell] Simmons took to Twitter to defend Jay-Z.

"No one ever said the proceeds were not going to the cause that's media's spin," he posted. 


Source: The Daily News.

Oops. If proceeds were not going to the movement, it was a good call to pull the T-shirt line.


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