First lady of the United States Michelle Obama

First lady Michelle Obama talked candidly with Matt Lauer on the Today show, her first on-set appearance on a morning show. The first lady had praise for her husband, refusing to discuss his viewpoints on policy, but saying that she supports his decisions on different issues ranging from Egypt, unemployment and, of course, nutrition.

When asked if she's ready to start the campaign trail, Mrs. Obama stated that she is but it's not on her radar right now. When the time comes, she will do what is asked of her. She also discussed the challenges of raising children in the White House for another six years if President Obama is re-elected. Mrs. Obama pointed out the great children who have come out of the White House, such as the Bush girls, Chelsea Clinton and Caroline Kennedy.

The first lady also discussed the flap she got for her Super Bowl menu, which included some not-so-healthy offerings, like bratwursts. She explained that she believes in balance, which is why she's candid about her love of french fries. She said that in the fight against obesity, it is imperative that we teach children healthy eating but also demonstrate balance.

The first lady's interview with Matt Lauer serves as a reminder of why she is so popular: She appears to be down-to-earth, smart, candid, honest and accessible. Did we mention that she's ride-or-die for her family? Great qualities for a great woman.

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