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Hey, 'Today' Show, Get Tamron Hall!

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images
Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Essence's Regina R. Robertson makes the case that the MSNBC anchor is a perfect fit to fill Ann Curry's morning-television slot.

Okay, so fast-forward a year and it seems that Ann is now taking the heat for the show's dip in ratings. How is that fair? It's not, really, but in the morning-TV game, there is little room for compassion. Rumor has it that she got a cool $10 million to walk, and the name that has been floating around to replace her is Savannah Guthrie. But before the ink dries on any proposed deal, I have a question for the network suits:

How about Tamron?

Tamron frequently sits in at Today and clocks in at Weekend Today pretty often, too. She also serves as anchor for MSNBC's NewsNation where just last month, she went toe-to-toe with conservative columnist Tim Carney and kept her composure while putting him in his place, with expert precision. Twitter was ablaze within minutes of their brisk exchange, and many people got to see what Tamron is really made of. She's whip-smart, quick on her feet and knows how to handle herself on camera. On top of all of that, she's absolutely gorg, effortlessly coifed and always über-fab. Oh, and she's got an Emmy nomination under her belt, to boot. All that said, Tamron gets my vote and I know that I'm not alone. When I referenced the Today shake-up on Facebook recently, the first comment on the thread was, "Tamron Hall Please!" Hear, hear.


Read Regina R. Robertson's entire piece at Essence.

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