Here’s Why Maxwell (the R&B Singer, Not the Coffee) Is Trending

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Looks like someone has something against Black History Month ... well, at least that’s the consensus on Twitter. I’ll never know what Maxwell is actually talking about because he blocked me on Twitter earlier this summer after I questioned his “All Lives Matter” tweet.


But here’s what everyone else is saying (and he apparently called a woman a bitch):


Oh well—I haven’t liked anything of his since Urban Hang Suite. 


Kyo Soma A.

I just want to say HA! I CALLED IT FROM THE FIRST TIME! So lil’ back story, I went to a brunch and everyone was talking about how they all loved Maxwell and then they gave me the brush off because I said was it all an act. I don’t buy his b.s. he tries way too hard. If I had to choose bt. him and Tricky (Adrian Nicholas Matthews Thaws)

I would pick Tricky any day of the week. They did the whole I can’t believe this black girl does not like Maxwell. So I was not the belle of the ball at that brunch. But, I KNEW IT! I knew things were bullshit from Kate Bush & that annoying Pretty Wings song. Yeah, I said it.