Here's What the Last American President Who Read a Book Is Reading This Summer

U.S. President Barack Obama and daughters Sasha (C) and Malia purchase books at Politics and Prose bookstore for ‘Small Business Saturday’ on November 29, 2014 in Washington, DC.
Photo: Photo by Dennis Brack (Black Star)

By now, we’re well acquainted with the fact that Barack Obama loves a list.

During his presidency (ah yes, let’s all sit with this memory for a moment) and after, the Cookout DJ-in-Chief would share playlists, including one summer 2016 playlist that was adorably separated into “daytime” and “nighttime” installments (included in the night-time playlist was Janet Jackson’s “I Get Lonely,” which—okay Mr. President). He’s also made a habit of sharing his reading lists because, you know, he reads.


Over the weekend, Obama once again shared a brief list of what he’s reading this summer via his Facebook. The short list comprises of just five titles, so if you’ve got some time off before fall swings into full gear, you can get like Barack—you know, sans the private OTRII suite and being able to hug Michelle every day.

Our former president and current book blogger includes short descriptions of each title, so we won’t repeat those here, except to point out Tayari Jones’ American Marriage really deserves a spot on your bedside table if it hasn’t made it there yet.


If you have more than a little bit of free time, a knack for speed reading, or if you simply want to wallow a bit deeper into those “Barry, are you with me?” feelings, here are 79 other titles Obama recommended during his book-loving, cable-news-beef-devoid, Twitter-rant-less presidency.

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