Here's a Secret—Serena Williams and Swin Cash Know They’re Not the First to Make History, and They Don’t Want to be the Last

Serena Williams (l) and Swin Cash (r), for Secret Deodorant “Not the First” Film
Serena Williams (l) and Swin Cash (r), for Secret Deodorant “Not the First” Film
Screenshot: Secret Deodorant (YouTube )

March 3 marks International Women’s Day and Secret Deodorant is celebrating remarkable women in the sports industry like tennis icon Serena Williams and Olympic Gold Medalist and NBA New Orleans Pelicans executive Swin Cash in its latest short film titled, “Not the First.”

‘Not the First’ with Serena Williams and Swin Cash / Secret Deodorant (YouTube)

Speaking of “firsts,” Secret is the first antiperspirant brand designed specifically for women, per its press release. That fact likely inspired this campaign. The ideal goal of a pioneer, though, isn’t to be the only, but to pave the way for future peers. Furthermore, when you continue a historic legacy, it is always wise to acknowledge those who have paved a way for you to make those moves. It can be lonely at the top, after all.


As Williams says, she’s not the first to start a clothing line and as Cash says, she’s not the first to win a gold medal, though because of the strong women that came before them, both “certainly won’t be the last.”

“Secret carries a strong reputation of supporting equal opportunity and representation for women,” Williams, who won her first title in three years in January, said in a statement. “It is crucial to me that I use my platform to inspire change and support all women, particularly women of color because we are often overlooked and underestimated. I am excited and honored to partner with Secret to inspire a brighter future where women no longer have to be labeled as the ‘First.’”

“As a woman of color, I understand the difficulties that can arise while trying to make headway in a male-dominated Sports and Media industry,” Cash, who led the Detroit Shock to their first WNBA title in 2003, said in a statement. “Secret has a history of supporting equal opportunity for women by spotlighting and celebrating our stories, and ‘Not the First’ is no different. I am honored to pay tribute to my role models, inspire honest dialogue and motivate women to keep pushing so they aren’t the last!”

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