Scooped this from FedBlog over on Government Executive

Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, who also sits on the House Oversight and Government Reform Federal Workforce subcommittee, is asking for it. I think she's right to do so. The federal government's operations are directly impinged by the storm, and DC's ability to manage it, whether that means getting streets plowed out, or Metro tracks uncovered. If the federal government wants DC to be able to continue to manage even the most debilitating snowstorm, there should probably be some serious investment in the city's ability to do that, since the federal government is a major beneficiary of the city's efforts. And what DC really needs is not temporary relief, necessarily, but infrastructure investments in a subway and light rail system that can be easily reactivated in a major storm, and a snowplow and salt fleet that's in consistent good working condition.

We know the government is always eager to get cracking on doing the stuff that helps its citizens, so maybe a snowplow or thirty is just what the doctor ordered.