Steve Lacy - Sunshine (Official Video) ft. Fousheé

Gemini Rights is the type of majestic body of work that has absolutely no business being so fucking good—please don’t get me started on the ghost of Biz Markie beatboxing on “Bad Habit” or how “Mercury” has me shamelessly campaigning for Lacy’s 2024 presidency in every last one of my group chats (Oh, y’all really thought I was running back Biden?)—as well as the exact type of album that’s had me on WebMD trying to self-diagnose my isolation, inexplicable mood swings, and other tell-tale signs of Gemini Rights-induced addiction since its release.


I quite literally can’t get enough of this album, and I strongly encourage you to skip rehab and scurry off to your streaming platform of choice to do the same.