Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell

The GOP's drive to repeal health care reform legislation has been defeated in the Senate. Even though  the House voted to repeal, and two judges declared the law unconstitutional, the Senate voted not to repeal the President Obama-led overhaul. The repeal effort died Wednesday along party lines, 51-47, as expected.

Senate Republicans say the defeat of their attempt to repeal the Democrats' health care overhaul was really a victory of sorts on the march to the 2012 congressional and presidential elections. Uh-huh. Republicans are saying that they forced Democrats on the record in favor of Obama's signature overhaul and launched what they described as a "two-year effort to discredit it in the lead-up to a bid for a second term."


Yeah, we're not buying it. The repeal failed in the Senate, period. No amount of spin or Jedi mind tricks is going to change it. Most people want health care reform, even many who don't agree with how the government is going about it. To the GOP: Nice try, but no cigar.

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