Have a Samsung Phone? You Better Delete Your Nudes

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If you are like me, your phone camera roll likely has tons of selfies, food pics, random memes and a smattering of tasteful nudes. If in fact you are like me and your phone is a Samsung, you may want to go through your camera roll and make sure the pictures stored there are ones you wouldn’t mind your grandma or your boss seeing if they just so happened to get sent out without your knowledge.


Gizmodo reports that users of phones like the Samsung Note 8 and the Galaxy S9 have experienced an odd phenomenon where the Samsung messaging app is randomly texting photos from their camera roll to random contacts via SMS. The worst part? It doesn’t even leave evidence that it has done it.

So picture me sitting at my computer reading this. Y’all read my column about me getting waxed for the first time. You’ve also seen my boobs. You know what’s in my phone. There are tasteful thirst traps and then there are the ones I send out when I am soliciting vitamin D.

The contacts in my phone range from my bosses and coworkers to family members, friends and contacts I’ve made along the way in my journalism career. If any of them messaged me on some “Hey, why did you send me this?” along with an attachment of my private parts, I would be mortified.

As it turns out, I don’t have to worry about it, because I use the Android messaging app and not the Samsung one. Switching to a different texting app like Android Messages or Textra are the remedies Gizmodo recommends to help avoid the issue.

You can also go into your phone’s settings and revoke Samsung Messages’ access to your phone’s storage, but doing so will prevent you from sending pictures from your phone—whether it is actually you trying to send them or the app trying to get you fired.

In a statement, Samsung told Gizmodo that they are looking into the issue and any customers with concerns should contact Samsung directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG.


If you want to make sure nothing happens ever, no matter what app you are using, you can just go through and delete the nudes, but we all know we aren’t going to do that, so be careful out there.

Don’t get caught slipping. Or nipping.

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You kids and your newfangled technogizmos. Back in my day when you wanted to send nudes, you sent them to the photo processor to be developed and you could guarantee that the only people who would see your photos would be the person you intended to give them to and the handful of strangers working in the booth.