Haunting of Verdansk Trailer Brings the Spooky Vibes to Call of Duty: Warzone

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Call of Duty: Warzone dropped the trailer for Haunting of Verdansk—and y’all, this shit looks bonkers.


The final content drop for Warzone’s season six, Haunting of Verdansk is a full-on celebration of spooky season and you know what? It looks fun as hell. Peep this trailer right quick so you can see I’m talking about.

Look, I wasn’t expecting Leatherface or the little nigga from Saw to show up in Call of Duty, but I’m not mad at it. Like, at all.

The event goes live on Oct. 20 and will continue until Nov. 3. Hopefully, that day will also bring an end to the real-life horror show we’re in, but anyway! According to the official Call of Duty website, the event will see Verdansk temporarily transformed to “Haunted Verdansk,” and will include the introduction of new, in-game “Trick-or-Treat” supply boxes. Opening these boxes will either net you some nice loot or give you a jump-scare, and collecting all 16 boxes will unlock a new legendary assault rifle called the “Pumpkin Punisher.”

The update will also add four new game modes to both Warzone and Modern Warfare’s traditional multiplayer component. A nighttime mode will be added to Warzone’s battle royale as well as Zombie Royale, which will allow you to come back from the dead as a zombie and rejoin the living by eating your fellow players.

Also, players will be able to purchase bundles themed around Saw and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which include skins and guns based on the iconic villains from both series. The update also sees developer Infinity Ward attempting to craft their own horror icon in the form of Dr. Karlov.

Dr. Karlov is described as an urban legend of Verdansk. According to the Call of Duty website, Karlov is a man “driven to a point of no return after countless failures in his laboratory deep inside the Gulag...Dr. Karlov became obsessed with electricity and energy-charged weaponry, testing it often in ‘experiments’ on those who dared to wander near his hideout.”


Look, all they had to say was that he’s Electro with a gun and I was in.

This all sounds tight as hell, and is a lot more than what I was expecting. Details were pretty mum about Haunting of Verdansk, and I truly thought it was going to be a one-and-done mode in the vein of Black Ops: Zombies with some cool skins maybe thrown in. Seeing the fun tweaks to gameplay and the addition of the Saw and Texas Chainsaw make this a Halloween-themed romp that appears to go more than just skin deep.

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The Dark One 508

leatherface is just a man, and the protagonist has all kinds of super guns. how is this even a challenge where he’s concerned?

wtf is jigsaw doing out of the us?

nah man. this doesnt make any sense. like they came up with this dr.karlov guy, and then realized they didnt have much to go along with it. “well, there’s leather face. who’s an inbread hillbilly from the us...and then there’s jigsaw also from the us...but uh...well who cares how they go to verdansk.”

did leatherface just buy a plane ticket, in year of our lord 2020, and fly all the way to a country that an inbread cousinfucker wouldnt have any other idea exists? did he put his chainsaw in a suitcase? duffelbag? you cant just go on a plane with one. they let him on a plane with that mask? did he take his mask off?