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No reasonable person could possibly dispute that Harry Allen is the media assassin up in this joint, but I was a little perplexed by his most recent choice of targets on a recent Twitter hit.

It seems Fat Actress Kirstie Alley is a fan of the Fat Boys (ironic, right?) and Black people in general and tweeted a harmless (if vapid) declaration of her Negrophilia. Seizing a teachable moment, Harry Allen goes in. What follows, by his account, is an offense to African Americans across the diapora as Kirstie inadvertently showcases her ignorance. I'm paraphrasing, to be sure. Not for nothing, though, Harry definitely goes hard at her as only he can.


Harry's my dude-back in the 90's, he encouraged me to find my voice, or whatever. So I ride with him, usually.

Not on this one.  It's like beating a legless puppy for peeing on the floor — what's the point? I'm not sure it's fair to try and glean anyone's race politics within a spastic, 140 character Tweet.


It isn't that Kirstie (DISCLOSURE: I also ride for Team Big Girl) deserves a pass, or that we shouldn't embrace moments when white folks say and do crazy ish to try to teach them about race relations-I mean, I won't be anyone's Negro Tour Guide, but clearly there is a market, right? So if you are inclined, you should have at it, because white people know little or nothing about race or racism. My problem with Harry Allen taking up this particular hoo-ride is his choice of target for his hollow points.  Me? I'm not a fan of small-target re-activism. I think the size of the target and the tone of the reprimand matter. If you are gonna teach, teach. If you are gonna bitch-slap, then slap away. But you can't do both and expect anything but a "garbage in, garbage out"-type of misunderstanding.

If you read me even in passing, then you must know, I like taking on people as much as anyone. And I've been the favorite target of a lot of folks, so I gives it, and I takes it, right? Someone needs to help me out on this one, though, because maybe I'm dense, or my politics aren't right, but I cram to understand the bigger purpose of going hard at Rebecca f*cking Howe. She's not a cultural touchstone or political pundit. She's an actress and heartthrob to millions (ok…ME) but I don't think anyone would mistake her for a link in the chain to unite the races or a spark in the cause for diversity in this country. She's a big white woman with a big white butt, trying to make the best of it. I don't see any crime in that.


I think, say, Negrophile/Hip-Hop Hipster Doofus Peter Rosenberg may need a hardcore primer on building bridges in the black community. But I think media assassin Harry Allen wasted a headshot on the Fat Actress. What do you think?

Was Harry Allen right to chin-check Kirstie Allen?

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