Hardware, Icon and Static Will All Make Their Triumphant Return This Summer in Milestone Returns!

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I’ve been in eager anticipation ever since it was announced last summer that the Milestone universe would make its glorious return to comic stands this year. Luckily, we don’t have to wait too much longer as DC announced the line will release in both print and digital this summer.


A press release from DC Comics announced that the line will have a tiered release throughout the summer, with Static: Season One leading the way on June 15, Icon and Rocket: Season One dropping on July 27 (thanks DC for that birthday drop), and Hardware: Season One releasing on Aug. 10. All three books are intended to be six issue miniseries that will re-establish their titular characters for the modern world.

While the books were initially intended to release first on digital and then make their way to print similar to DC books like The Next Batman: Second Son, and Sensational Wonder Woman, they will now release in print, digital, and on the DC Universe Infinite app the same day.

Sidenote: If you’re into comics—particularly DC Comics like myself—you should check out the DC Universe Infinite app. For $7.99 a month you get access to a large portion of the company’s backlog from recent releases to silver and golden age classics. I’m on that shit, like, a lot. A lot.

If the return of Milestone isn’t enough to get you excited, then the incredibly fire array of talent helming the books should do it. I thought I was already at peak hype for Static, but then I saw Vita Ayala was writing it and learned that my hype could, indeed, intensify.

Ayala has done excellent work on New Mutants, and I really dug their work on the recently released Children of the Atom, so I’m incredibly curious on where they take the character. Also, Milestone alum CHRISCROSS is returning to do the layouts, with the absolute beast that is Nicholas Draper-Ivey handling finishing.


Hardware: Season One will be written by Brandon Thomas whose book Excellence is, well, excellent and art will be handled by Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz. If you know comics, you know that’s a mean lineup. If you don’t know comics, it’s basically the art equivalent of Shaq and Kobe.

Icon and Rocket: Season One, will be co-written by Reggie Hudlin and Leon Chills, with Doug Braithwaite handling art. Icon and Rocket is honestly the book I’m most curious about. Icon was famously a Black conservative, and in an interview with The Root Cowan said that aspect wasn’t changing. I’m quite intrigued at how Hudlin and Chills are going to balance staying true to who Icon is while adapting that character for a modern world.


If you just can’t wait to return to the world of Milestone, the Milestone Returns zero issue is currently available on digital platforms. If you don’t know anything about Milestone, well, luckily your boy already has an explainer on deck for you.

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I’m gonna have to get a pull list for the first time in decades for this. Because, dammit, this needs all the love.