Happy Birthday, Damon!


Every year around this time, I do a search for Lebron James or Tiger Woods? And why do I do a search for either of these two folks? Well its because they share a birthday. And do you know who else they share a birthday with? Our very own Damon "The Champ" Young. I only know that they all share a birthday because Damon told me at some point. It's possible that he was making some parallel between his own personal greatness (as if!) and theirs, but me no know and me no remember.


Since Christmas time…is here…I'm feeling like doing a little bit of sharing. And since sharing is caring and caring is what you do on people's birthdays I shall share.

I saw this meme/pic on IG that speaks about friendship.


This is pretty much how Damon and I became friends. It's well documented at this point that we were just fans of each other's blogs and I think Damon reached out first (or maybe I did…I actually have no clue) and many moons later we're friends who have become business partners on this ship here called The Opposite of The Titanic, or VSB for short. Any guy will tell you that after a certain point, its fairly hard to make new male friends. But when you do - and assuming they don't bang your girl or your sister - then you usually have one for life. Awwwwwwwwwwww.

Also, let me give him a personal shoutout. All of this new VSB direction? It largely came out of the vision of Damon. See, he's got big plans and I trust him to see this plan through. It's also why he's writing like a madman. But the most important part back there was trust. While Damon and I do things very differently - our personalities mesh very well, but we have very different approaches to many, many things - I also trust him with the best interests of VSB. While this is a two man-led team (along wtih VITAL other components and moving parts), I'm good letting my brother be the captain while I bask in the glory that comes along with it. While we make all decisions together, I still recognize that he's got a vision he wants to see through that I'm fully intending to turn into a reality. Sure there was that thing with the folks in the place. And I know you remember that one time with that one thing. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew shit. And I can't even tell you about that even though you were there. It's not even in my nature to be secretive, but I can't tell you who and I can't tell you why.

We've gone thru personal highs together and personal lows together and we're still here kickin' a little something for them cars that be bumpin.

Point is, Damon is my brother and if I was Forrest Gump, that's all I'd say about that.


But I'm not, so I'm going to say, "we're brothers. and we're happy and we're writing and we're colored…give me a hi-five!"

That was the original URL of VSB but it was too long so we shortened it to VerySmartBrothas.com.


So join me in wishing Damon a happy birthday today!


Panama Jackson is the Senior Editor of Very Smart Brothas. He's pretty fly for a light guy. You can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking all her brown liquors.



just as a heads up…i actually have video of @disqus_YeG1FUyAV7:disqus @panamajackson:disqus at his birthday brunch earlier today….

yes that's @disqus_jaQFOkPNbv:disqus in the back