Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Halle Berry was reportedly rushed to a Los Angeles hospital around 10 p.m. on Tuesday after falling and hitting her head on concrete during the filming of The Hive, a thriller in which she stars as a 911 operator working to save the life of a young girl. "She was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but she checked out healthy and was released," a rep told TMZ.

This isn't the first time Berry has been injured on the job, the New York Daily News reports:

Last year, Berry broke her foot while filming “Cloud Atlas” in Spain.

In 2003, she broke her arm on set of “Gothika,” and she was hospitalized in 2004 after she was smacked in the head with a lighting prop while filming “Catwoman.”

Berry also suffered an eye injury during shooting for the James Bond flick “Die Another Day,” in 2002.


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